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We met Eric because he was chosen by Mark Ziegler Yachts to remedy some issues on our Cutwater 248 discovered during survey.  Because we and Eric were all fans of solar, we soon added 200W of solar to Eric’s job list.  Even after previously having added solar to our RV, I’m still amazed at how these two 100W panels Eric installed have influenced our boating.  The first part of my delivery run eventually found me just shy of Lake Okeechobee when a bad bit of weather stopped me.  Dock power at the dodgy marina I found looked equally dodgy, so I didn’t bother plugging in.  Patricia picked me up and we left the boat a few days while everything stayed topped up by the panels, even with all the storm’s cloud cover.  Crossing the lake, I got the boat to our intended and interim marina, still on the cross-Florida canal, and it  had no water and no power on the docks.  While parked there, I stupidly left some accessories on for two days while away from the boat.  One day the panels generated over 1000 W of power to handle that load and I returned to find a full house bank.  We’ve now been offered a rack space at a marina over on Florida’s west coast, so once again no option to plug in….and it doesn’t matter whatsoever.  All good fun but also very pleasing.  We’re very glad Mark brought Eric to our boat, not just for the gift that keeps on giving, but also because we feel like we’ve made a friend with a talented, caring marine professional.


Jack & Patricia T.  

Cut’Away, Cutwater 248, Burnt Store Marina


When I looked for a liveaboard boat to call my own, some of the first things I thought about were appearance, seaworthiness, age, cost, and hours on the engine. That certainly was how I started out on my journey to find the right boat for my wife and me to do America’s Great Loop. Sure, we had our more specific criteria for the perfect boat that included two cabins, two heads, well designed kitchen, flybridge, a single engine, comfortable salon, and overall length less than 40 feet, but it had to be seaworthy, look great, not be too old, fit within our budget and have a reasonable number of hours on the diesel engine.   To our great joy we found our perfect boat in a 2001 Heritage East 36 Sundeck trawler, so we took the plunge and made an offer that was accepted contingent on the sea trial and professional survey.   The haul out and professional survey result were positive and most encouraging since the deficiencies could be easily corrected; there was nothing major that appeared to be of significant concern.  The sea trial also went well except for discovering I had a lot to learn about piloting a large full keel powerboat with a single engine! The electrical systems, both AC and DC, were found to be serviceable.   I happily took possession of the boat.


As I got to know the boat, I grew used to the sound (grrr!) of the inverter providing power to the AC system.  Then when we invited my next door neighbor at the marina (a 79-year-old retired sea captain) over for dinner, he heard the “grrr!” and said, “what’s that sound?”  After I told him that it was the inverter he said, “that’s not right…you better get that checked out!”   The question was then, “where do I find someone  I could trust to come look at the boat’s electrical systems?”   Soon thereafter a large Great Harbor trawler pulled up in a slip close to mine.   I found out the owner had piloted his Great Harbor trawler all the way to Jacksonville from the upper Tennessee River to have an electrician do work on his vessel!  He said that this guy in Jacksonville, Eric Weatherly, was an unusually talented boat electrician who came highly recommended by some of his friends who earlier had Eric work on their boats.  That seemed a pretty good recommendation for me, and I found out the day when Eric was scheduled to work on my neighbor’s boat.   When Eric came to the Great Harbor trawler to fix my new neightbor’s vexing electrical problem,  I made my move and walked over to introduce myself to Eric and to ask if he would be willing to schedule a time to come and evaluate my boat’s electrical systems.  He said he would be happy to schedule a time to come to my boat and a date was set.


On the appointed day and the appointed hour, Eric knocked on my starboard hull.  After a brief conversation, he took his shoes off and came aboard with his tools of the trade.  I didn’t realize right away that my education in Boat Electrical Systems 101 had begun, but it didn’t take me long to make that assessment and whatever Eric charged I was going to chalk it up to tuition for my boat electrical education.  Within a very short time of testing and assessment, he sat down on the edge of my floor over the open engine room and started explaining what he found in terms I could understand even though I soon realized I was “drinking from a fire hose”….I had found a master marine electrician who was also an extraordinary teacher.   I am a retired university professor with lots of experience in classrooms and I know a good teacher when I see one!   Some of Eric’s news, however, was jarring.   Four of the five Group 31 AGM house batteries were completely dead and the fifth one was only 25% charged, but the news got worse.   He explained to me how the Victron inverter was designed to work with a separate house bank and a separate inverter bank.  Unfortunately all of my batteries were connected together so there was only a house bank and it was virtually dead.  Furthermore, the primary wire carrying power from the inverter to the main panel was sized for 20 amps of electricity.   Eric explained that when the inverter gets the call to supply extra power to the main electrical panel that wire could carry significantly more amperage than it was currently sized for.   So, he was shutting down my inverter because the installation did not meet ABYC codes and was an immediate fire hazard such that he would not be leaving the boat with that sort of hazard in play.  He then described a solution to the problems for me to consider.   No pressure on his part, just facts and a clear story explaining what needed to be done so that we would be safe and have a well-functioning electrical system.   After he left, I kept my inverter off and reflected on what I learned.   It started to sink in that maybe a crucial part of boat buying ought to be an electrical survey by a knowledgeable and ABYC certified electrician.   New boat batteries aren’t cheap and neither is upgrading wiring to insure standards of safe installation and function.  After taking the time to process the information as best I could, I told Eric to put our boat on his schedule for work to be done even though I wouldn’t be able to be on the boat.


So, why was I willing to trust Eric?  First, he was friendly and willing to engage in conversation.   Second, he appeared to be quite thorough and systematic in his work while at the same time he was efficient and time conscious.  Third, he had the right tools. Fourth he had the credentials from ABYC and experience in the field.  Fifth he explained things well.  Sixth and this was the clincher, he thought carefully about problems with an openness to discovery.  I believed I had found someone who mastered his vocation and was also willing to learn and to listen even from a boat rookie like me.  


We are now closing in on completing America’s Great Loop after a year of travel on our boat.  During the trip I called Eric several times for help with an unforeseen electrical problem that cropped up at an inconvenient time (I now appreciate that is the nature of boating with a larger vessel!), and he has graciously helped me sort through the issues and empowered me to fix the problems.  Clearly, I want him on my team and am most grateful for all the wisdom, expertise, sound advice, and help I have received from him from the time I first encountered him till now!

Charles C.

36' Heritage East Sundeck Trawler


Eric was recommended to us after our Nautitech 40 sail catamaran was struck by lightning.  Our entire energy management system was destroyed.  We decided to take the opportunity to replace the original digital switching system with conventional manual switches.  This meant completely re-designing and installing new wiring and panels.  It was a very complex project.  Eric recommended a number of additional improvements which we implemented.  The result is a much simpler and more reliable energy management platform.  His work was creative and meticulous.  We would highly recommend Eric to anyone, especially if you have a complex electrical system like ours.  We set sail soon with a much higher level of confidence because of Eric and New Point Marine!


Mike D. 

Nautitech 40 sail catamaran


Fellow Cruisers!

While cruising the Great Loop, our travels brought us to Jacksonville, FL more than once. On our first visit we were having problems with new GFI Shore Power pedestals kicking out breakers. Mentioning our issue to another cruiser on the dock they immediately said “Call Eric Weatherly, New Point Marine”.


Well, we did call and were very glad we did. Eric came to our boat, he was professional, and respectful to us and our vessel/home. He quickly diagnosed and corrected the wiring issue that had been causing the problem. We felt he charged a fair rate, and was efficient and effective with the time he spent on our boat.


We have referred Eric to other cruisers numerous times, with no complaints, only big Thanks!


Safe Cruising to all!

Norm M.

Past President, Great Harbour Trawler Association (GHTA)

M/V Quiet Company      

Great Harbour GH-47


PS: He is also very good with Victron System too!


My wife and I have been boating for 30 years, and we've never encountered a better craftsman than Eric.

I say craftsman because he approaches every project with so much more care than any other marine technician we've ever encountered.

From larger projects to the smallest repair, New Point completes each one with the same level of excellence.

Knowing that Eric and the New Point team is there as a trusted resource definitely makes our boating life better.

Then, there's Eric as a person. Simply put, he's just a good man and his consistent actions and business style, deepens our trust with every interaction.


Mathew G.  

Hyatt Fantail


Eric has worked on my boat upgrading her to the state of the art with Victron Energy components. The system has worked flawlessly and Eric took the time to show me how to make adjustments to settings etc.  

In addition to the Inverter / Charger, Solar panel chargers and Battery to Battery charges he installed Balmar alternators, external controllers and reconfigured my battery charging system so as to ensure maximum battery life. 

I also like that he takes the time to explain what and how things are working. There are also a number of YouTube videos he has made that explain how boat systems work that both educate the boater and have helped me decide and prioritize what to do next. It doesn’t hurt that his children appear in the videos to keep it light yet informative. If in N.E. Florida get in Eric’s schedule. 


Paul T. 

Ursa Major

Kadey Krogen 54.  




Altho’ it’s out of the ordinary course of business when it comes to marine contractors, Eric Weatherly is an extraordinary marine contractor. I can and do vouch for his superb work ethic, and work accomplishments. He invariably arrives when he says he will, works diligently, makes thoughtful, meaningful, and appropriate suggestions, stays within his areas of expertise, knows his craft, and is very reasonably priced!

I highly recommend him to all my boat-owning friends. 5+ Stars!


Keegan F. 

Grand Banks



I’ve had boats all my life thus have had occasion (many, in fact) to need help.  Eric is in the 99th percentile.  Over the 12 years I had my trawler he was my go to guy for almost everything, including some work on Engines (3208’s).  Additionally, he worked on my electrical system, certain levels of the air conditioning system, the dryer vent, batteries, battery charger/inverter, as well as the boat’s Vacuflush system.  For 12 years, he was the guy I went to first.  I highly recommend him to any boater who wants something fixed and fixed right.


Tony D. 

Joe~lyn 46’ Grand Banks Classic



Eric was so valuable in getting us underway for a 400 mile trip!  He is super knowledgeable and diligent as well as being a great guy.  We would recommend him to anyone!!!


Mike F. 

45’ Californian aft cabin



I have employed New Point Marine to work on my Kadey Krogen 42 and Ranger Tug R 27 for many years and found Eric’s work to be first class, always up to industry standards at a minimum, and done right the first time.

He has done everything from installation of a water maker to changing out the transmission damper plate to performing a CP survey and troubleshooting electrical grounding issues to load testing/replacing batteries. 

He is very knowledgeable, dependable and a pleasure to deal with.

I have recommended him to many other cruisers and would not hesitate to do so in the future to friends and family.

Eric has vastly improved our cruising life by keeping our vessels in tip top shape.


Steve E. 

Kadey Krogen 42 and Ranger Tug R 27



I have recommended Eric to many folks. What would you like me to say other than Eric is my go-to guy for any electrical or plumbing issues  aboard my boat.


Tom M.  

S/V Irish Eyes


Eric would be the first person I would call for help with my boat.


Eric helped me a number of times on our 2003 Krogen Express. The biggest project was adding a second generator on our boat.


We were able to cruise and anchor out with confidence. 


More than once I had to reach out to Eric for help troubleshooting a problem while cruising. Eric was able to help me keep the trip going.


Stephen J.  

Krogen Express


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