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Our Services

Boats in the Bay
Mobile Service

Our mobile service is a traveling workshop that provides a high quality experience tailored to the needs of boaters.  We are experienced at making repairs and customizations. We  can provide valuable insights into the best ways to improve your boat and make it the vessel of your dreams.

  • Solar and Off-Grid

  • Ground Fault Surveys

  • Corrosion Surveys

  • Upgrades and Installations

    • Electrical

    • Plumbing 

    • Sanitation 

    • LPG Systems

    • Fire Suppression Systems

    • Steering and Engine Controls

Free Consultation

Book now for your free consultation to discuss your options for making your dream project a reality. We have years of experience in the marine service industry and are ready to help you make your project come to life.

On-Board Evaluations

We offer onboard evaluations during which we meet with owners or their representatives.   We provide explanations of how individual systems function and how these systems intersect.  While we don’t offer a written report, we encourage photos, note-taking, and questions.  


Before formally meeting with the owner, we request the opportunity for a cursory evaluation on board, if possible.  This allows us to be better informed and equipped, rather than ‘shooting from the hip’. 

Boating should be enjoyable and we strive to be the boater’s advocate, not just someone who works on your boat.  We are ABYC members and an ABYC Master Technician certified in Marine Systems, Marine Electrical, Diesel Engines and Marine Corrosion.  All of our work is completed to a high standard to ensure enjoyment and peace of mind on the water.

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