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Set Sail Anywhere with Confidence

A Lifeline Membership gives you a marine systems professional to call – from expert advice to exclusive access when you have questions. Your journey to trusted support and confidence in understanding your boat begins here.

Seas the Day

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Confidence to take the voyage you’ve been planning, knowing there’s a lifeline.  

Enjoy the Sea

Taking in and enjoying all the pleasures the sea has to offer, without the uncertainty of what could go wrong and how to deal with it.  

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Feel Like a Hero

After an issue is resolved, getting back underway, feeling like a hero, with a happy crew. 

Understanding your boat: Is it a quick fix or a major headache?

Don’t feel stranded if a marine system is not functioning as it should.  Is that alarm just an inconvenience or does it signal a significant repair bill?  Imagine seeking advice at a boatyard, investing heavily in repairs, only to find the problem is still there.  Don’t let the love for your boat die in the boatyard.  

That’s where a Lifeline membership comes in - to be your guiding companion.  We can walk you through the initial stages of troubleshooting with you as the eyes and ears.  Together, we can work through the issue. If we can’t solve it, you will be more informed on how to address it and gain more confidence in how the system functions along the way.  

Give us a call first, before carrying your wallet and your boat to someone unknown.  Maybe we can save you some boat bucks.  

Benefits of a Lifeline Membership

1. Reduces Anxiety

Knowing that if a problem or question arises, you have a trusted source to call on.  

2. Saves Time

Don’t try to crack the code of a mysterious boat gadget while you’re out on the water.  Let your Lifeline save you from those head scratching moments.  With a Lifeline Membership you’ll have a more informed understanding of how the marine systems on your boat work.  

3. Enjoyment

Your Lifeline is there when you need it.   After all, boats are meant to be enjoyable.  

I had found a master marine electrician who was also an extraordinary teacher.   He thought carefully about problems with an openness to discovery.  I want him on my team and am most grateful for all the wisdom, expertise, sound advice, and help I have received from him from the time I first encountered him till now!

Charles C. 

36' Heritage East Sundeck Trawler

Why choose a Lifeline Membership?

Exclusive phone, text, and email support.  When an issue arises you will have a direct line to a marine professional.

1. Marine Systems Support. 

It’s astonishing the level of heartache and disappointment that something as small as a toilet that won’t flush or an anchor windlass that won’t set can cause.  Adventure or ordeal?  We are here to ensure that the adventure doesn’t become an ordeal.  If an issue causes unrest among the crew, give us a call; we will guide you through the steps to prevent a mutiny.  

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2.  Marine Systems Demystified. 

Marine systems are complex and can be challenging to understand.  Owner’s manuals and online searches can only go so far.  We can help take the mystery out of the inner workings of the system and explain how it operates.

3.  Second Opinion.   

Is your boat facing an issue, and have you been informed that multiple, major, and expensive repairs are necessary?  Would a second opinion help?  We offer an unbiased perspective to help you make informed decision​s.  Let us guide you through the fog of a project outline and help you understand why a charge is necessary or should be questioned.

4. Survey Explanations. 

Surveyors are excellent at what they do, but sometimes not as effective at explaining their process.  Have you ever received a survey with critical notes, in red print, and wondered what that means for you and your boat?  We are happy to explain in plain language what was noted and why it is important for the boat and owner.  

5.  DIY Support. 

What’s more fun than improving your own boat?  You save money and get the full glory of a job well done.  Sometimes, a boat project can seem like too much to take on.  That’s where the Lifeline comes in.  We are here to guide you through the process, from initial planning and sourcing parts to the commissioning of your new system.  We also offer deep discounts on parts and materials.

6.  Access to a Certified Master Technician.  

We are American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) members.  An ABYC Master Technician, with over 2 decades of experience, certified in Marine Systems, Marine Electrical, Diesel Engines, and Marine Corrosion.  We seek out manufacturers training, and attend online and in person seminars to stay current with the latest industries' technology and standards.  

7.  Access to Discounted Parts.

Boat parts can be expensive, but let us try to ease that burden.  We have established accounts with several marine wholesale companies, and with our low overhead, we are able to offer our clients deep discounts.  Considering a big purchase?  Contact us first.  We offer guidance in your purchase to ensure you are getting the system you want.  Plus, we are a trusted source- buying online is a bit scary, get your gear from someone you know.    


Onboard evaluations are offered separately from Lifeline Membership.  See our Services page for details.  

the most useful tool in your kit!

No matter where,

the question lingers:

Will a dependable and trustworthy ally be at your side when unexpected challenges arise?


A Lifeline membership can be.  It’s a choice which not only alleviates the stress of cruising solo through unforeseen obstacles, but also eliminates the isolating feelings that often accompany such situations. With a Lifeline membership, consider yourself equipped with an essential tool for a smoother, more assured cruise.


1.  What if I don't need the subscription all the time?   

You can start and stop the service throughout the year.  Are you leaving the boat for a few months?  Just email us at  and we will pause your membership.  When you anticipate needing the service again, let us know.  


2.  How do I sign up?

Visit our website and sign up under the Lifeline Membership tab or click here.  Make your first month’s payment and you’ll receive our welcome letter with instructions.  

3.  How do I call for advice?​

Once you’ve joined the Lifeline membership you have exclusive access by phone, text, messaging app, and email to support.

4.  Can I call after business hours?  

Of course, but we may not answer until the next business day.  This is up to the discretion of New Point Marine. 

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