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About Us


Hello, I am Eric.  I grew up on the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay and began cruising in the 1990s.  After a career in public safety as a firefighter, paramedic, and fire department diver I ran away from home to sail off toward adventure.  I traveled up and down the East Coast between Key West and Chesapeake Bay working at several boat yards, a major boat builder, charter and dive boat companies before finally washing up in Jacksonville, Florida.  I dropped anchor after meeting my soulmate and starting a family.  

I bought a house and had 3 kids.  We needed a dog (of course), 3 cats (more keep showing up) and of course my boat.   Our days are filled with our business, homeschooling the kids, working on the house and boat, and enjoying what each day brings us.  

We began New Point Marine in 2013.  First off, because we love boats. 

Second, after realizing that most boat owners were disappointed by the impersonal service they receive at most boat yards.  We believe in personalized service and attention to detail and that the boat owner should be able to directly communicate with the technician working on their boat.  We are boaters too and know that disappointment does not need to be the norm.  We offer something more.  


Thirdly, we subscribe to the saying knowledge is power and true understanding.  Education and training are the bedrock of our company.  We have four ABYC certifications, seek out manufacturers training, and attend online and in person seminars to stay current with the latest industries' technology and standards.  


Why the name

New Point Marine?

New Point Comfort Lighthouse

Have you ever heard of the New Point Comfort Lighthouse?  It is a favorite of mine and why I named the business after it.


It's a sturdy sandstone tower located on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay at the end of the peninsula that separates Mobjack Bay from the Chesapeake.  The lighthouse was designed in 1804 by Elzy Burroughs and has been a beacon of light for sailors ever since- for me, it meant home.  

Despite being cut off from the mainland by a 1933 hurricane and experiencing recurring erosion issues, the lighthouse still stands plumb and true.  It's truly a testament to the craftsmanship of its builders.  

In 1976, the Mathews County Historical Society gained responsibility for preserving the historic lighthouse.  For more information and to help preserve this landmark, click the button below. 

new point light-photo.jpg
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